Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, Nanyuki

Weeeeeeeekend!!! :-D :-D :-D

WHAT A PLACE!! Oh my! We spent a whole weekend there, arriving Friday afternoon and we left on Sunday afternoon. An important thing to note is that this is a 5 star place, so although prices are significantly higher than the norm, it is completely worth the experience.

The Swimming Pool and Garden area
The Swimming Pool and Garden area


The Reception
The Reception


We stayed in one of the ‘houses’; 2 bedrooms, both self contained, two living/sitting rooms, a dining room, kitchen and outside sitting area complete with a private garden.

Living Room 2     Living Room 1

Kitchen      Dining Room

On top of the usual attractions and activities such as; swimming pool, bicycles for rent, horse riding, vast gardens, golf, a playground etc…Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club also hosts its own animal orphanage.

Mt Kenya Animal orphanage           Animal orphanage

‘Our Gardens are Maintained for our animal Orphans’

They have their own gardens where they plant vegetables for the animals, such as carrots, tomatoes etc..

There is a unique variety of animals in the orphanage, including different monkeys, Lynx, Bongos, Cheetahs, a Leopard, Ostriches, Llamas, various birds and a large Tortoise from the Seychelles that is 150 years old.

Guests are allowed to ‘interact’ with some of the animals, under supervision from the guides of course. We were able to feed some monkeys, an  ostrich, a Llama and we were also allowed to ride the tortoise. Apparently they can grow to weigh a ton and live up to 300 years old.

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After 2 nights and 2 days away, I have come back to Nairobi feeling rested and refreshed. Who knew feeding animals and chilling in nature would be so rejuvenating.



Did you Know: The ‘Bongo’, a type of large African Antelope is now in danger of extinction.

Its rather sad to know that a lot of the next generation will only know of some of these animals from pictures and remaining skeletons.



For more information, visit Fairmont’s website at:  http://www.fairmont.com/mount-kenya-safari/

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