Kingfisher Picnic Site, Nairobi National Park

Kingfisher picnic site            

Wondering what to do on a random Saturday? How about a ‘picnic’/BBQ at Nairobi national park. A group of friends and I visited the Kingfisher picnic site inside Nairobi National park. It’s a pretty nice idea for a lazy afternoon.

Entrance is 500/= per person (for Kenyan citizens; they ask to see your I.D so don’t forget it 😉 ). We drove and the picnic site is less than 5 km from the entrance, there is good signage, so you won’t get lost 😉

It’s a nice open area with seating around fire pits and 2 bandas (little hut-like things) that you can use.

Open area at the site
Our Banda
Our Banda

Our group spent about 5 hours there doing a little bbq. It is necessary to carry your own cooking paraphernalia; we carried a grill, a gas cooker, charcoal, meat and all the other equipment necessary. There are also two toilets and a sink and tap at the site, but carry toilet paper 😉 Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself 😉

The toilets
The Toilets
My enthusiastic buddy
My enthusiastic buddy

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