Camp Carnelley’s, Lake Naivasha

The campsite overlooking Lake Naivasha

A group of friends and I visited camp Carnelley’s, Naivasha for a 2 day/ 1 night getaway back in December. Our entire group loved it and highly recommend it for groups who are on a reasonable budget, but still want to get away from the city. So here is a little break down of our trip, to help you plan yours 😉

On our way there, we stopped at Buffalo mall in Naivasha to pick up some last minute supplies. They have these horsies (that’s spelled like that on purpose) that even adults are allowed to ride..WOOHOO!!!

Horse race!



We were a relatively large group so the couples took twin rooms (3,000 per night) and the rest of us took a 6 person banda (10,000/- per night). Keep in mind that the prices may or may not change, the prices here are only relevant for the time that our group was there. The twin rooms are located away from the bandas, but not far enough that it’s inconvenient. The Bandas are really great, the one we stayed in had 2 separate bathrooms/toilets at each end, a private garden with a fire pit and a covered outdoor area. The private garden area was a big selling point for us, as we carried all of our own food, drinks and a BBQ. (If you wish to BBQ, get charcoal before you arrive as they don’t sell any at the camp itself)






VOLLEYBALL!!!! they have a volleyball net, a table tennis table and DSTV at the bar so we didn’t miss any premier league action. You do need to carry your own volleyball though.


Check out is at around 10 am, but you are allowed to move to the camping ground, so we did. We cleared out our rooms and moved to the campsite where we spent the rest of the day. The lake is right at the camp site, so there are probably water activities that one can do, we however, stuck to the land based activities 😉

Lake viewing
The Lakeside


Taking a group photo proved to be quite the challenge…




Our Fantastical Group (Plus the photographer)


For more information, visit their website-

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