Rolf’s Place, Nairobi

The view from the restaurant

Rolf’s place is based in Ongata Rongai, Nairobi. It is hot and dusty, don’t expect extreme luxury 😉


There aren’t too many activity options there, however, it is a great place to take visitors for a basic meal and a photo opp. While we ate, we saw baboons at the river below, so I imagine there may be other animals as well. I say a ‘basic meal’ because the service is unfortunately quite slow and the bar/drink options are very limited. The food is good though, we didn’t have any complaints on the quality.

The bridge and general scenery are quite nice for some photography…check it out…


And now for the main event…PAINTBALL!!! Woop Woop!

Important Details:

  • There are only 10 guns available. While we were there one wasn’t working…so keep that in mind..If you show up with 11 people, at least one will do only photography :-p
  • You need to call in advance to make a booking….however, you will still arrive and wait for about an hour for the guns to be prepared.
  • They charge 1000 ksh for 100 pellets. You can get a refill of course for the same price.
  • One round lasts about 10-15 minutes until folks start to run out of pellets.
  • CARRY WATER! It is hot and the bar is unreliable with drinks..including water.
I only shoot to 'kill'
I only shoot to ‘kill’

We were a group of 7 (3 vs 4) and will most certainly go again..soon!


I haven’t found a website, but they have a Facebook page with some unfortunate reviews…if you manage your expectations, you won’t be disappointed. Remember, think ‘adventure’, not 5 star luxury 😉

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