Quad Biking at Lake Elementaita, Kenya


For months I have wanted to try out a Quad bike….But where?? I have heard of places in Nairobi where you can bike in Ngong Forest but I haven’t tried it yet. As part of our road trip, I discovered a new-ish Lodge at Lake Elementaita that has Quad Bikes; Sirville Lodge (Click to check out their Facebook page). It’s right on the Lake, with a lovely view; we were there at about sunset. I can’t speak to the accommodation or food..yet 😉



  • Details: They had 2 Quad bikes when we visited (Dec 2016).
  • Location: It is right on Lake Elementaita and the map available on google maps is rather accurate. There is also a good amount of signage, so don’t worry, you aren’t likely to get lost.
  • Price: 500 Ksh per 30 minutes (Prices may change, this was our experience at the time).
  • Other: You aren’t allowed to ride after sunset, for your security, so make sure you get there early enough in the day…first come first served.


We arrived a little late so we were only able to ride down to the lake and back, then had a drink by the lake side, at sunset. Definitely a recommendable experience!

Check out our Video Here!!

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