The Great Rift Valley View Point, Kenya

When you spend so much time in Nairobi constantly staring at the backside of cars in traffic, you can forget how beautiful and serene parts of our country are. Not even an hour outside Nairobi, is the Great Rift Valley Viewpoint.

Mount Longonot from the Viewpoint

In addition to the lovely view, there are several shops selling gifts and souvenirs, you can get yourself something memorable. In the future, I would also come out here for a picnic or just to be out of the city for a few hours/minutes. There are some more isolated areas where you can be undisturbed and still enjoy the viewpoint.

It’s a nice stopover spot, and there are public toilets available for free 😉 (Carry your own toilet paper). It is very windy so  make sure to carry a jumper or something (unless you, like my brother think you are immune to cold).

Some Botties

This was the first stop of our Family Christmas road trip…Where to next? Gilgil? Lake Elementaita? Naivasha? Hell’s Gate?…

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