The Forest, Kereita Forest in Kimende, Kenya

Kimende petrol Station

Getting away from the city is always a great idea, especially when it doesn’t require spending too much time travelling there. The other day a group of us opted for a day trip to The Forest, at Kereita Forest, Kimende.  Located about an hour from Nairobi, with a plethora of outdoor activities, we were ready for an adventure.

Before you Visit: Remember to call and book in advance. Bookings for all activities are made in advance and groups are required to pay a deposit a few days before visiting.

The closer you get to The Forest, the fresher the air!

Something that stood out for me from the moment we arrived, was the level of energy and enthusiasm from the staff. From the parking attendant, to the booking counter, the bar tender and every single instructor we had. The customer care was as refreshing as the crisp forest air!


Zipline info (Owned by The Forest)


There are two options for ziplining, 2 lines or 6 lines. We did the 2 lines so we had enough time for the other activities. In preparation you will sign a disclaimer and then the instructor demonstrates how the zipline works and all the safety requirements. Groups then get to practice what they have learnt before heading to the Zipline. At the moment, the 6 line Zipline is the longest zipline tour in East Africa.



Next we walked over to the paintball area and began the safety demonstration, received our gear and split up into teams. For 1,500 Ksh, you get 100 paint balls and you can buy more if they run out, which they might. The instructor referees as two teams attempt to capture the flag and return it to their base without being shot. The referee was very diligent in ensuring fair play and safety for those taking part and those watching.


Last up, we did some archery, beginning with the safety demonstration and instructions. Who knew Archery was so much fun, we competed against each other in different rounds for the whole hour, including a rapid fire round.

Bar & Restaurant

There is a restaurant and bar with a lovely view of all the greenery. The bar is well stocked and I understand the buffet was good. At first we thought the buffet was only vegetarian, but were informed that meat was served from a separate table, but was part of the buffet. There is an a la carte food menu in addition to the buffet.


A Botty

Rumor has it they are working on a campsite or camping options. But for now, a great place for a day trip!







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  1. Habiba Bien says:

    Yes amazeballs! The Forest is the place to be! Posted about my thrilling zip lining experience. Amazeballs!


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