Zimbabwean Food in Nairobi

Dejina Smart Village, located on George Padmore Rd, is an Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant that also serves Kenyan food and recently, Southern African Food. A Zimbabwean friend of mine has been singing it’s praises and we finally got around to visiting.

The Menu

Southern African cuisine Menu

The full menu isn’t available every day, we called in advance to check and order so we didn’t wait long. We were treated to a meal of Mazondo, Sadza and Muriwo; which is Cow hooves, ugali and kale. The chili sauce is also from Zimbabwe and needs to be available in Nairobi asap..or is it already?

It was an incredible first experience and I would highly recommend it!

In addition to the Southern African Cuisine, there are a lot of menu options from the Ethiopian and Eritrean kitchen. This includes traditionally prepared and served coffee. There is plenty of indoor seating as well as some tables outside. There is an indoor bar with 3 screens that show football on match days and sheesha available.

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