Vampa Waterfall, Kimpese, DRC

About an hour and a half from Kisantu is Vampa waterfalls (About 3-4 hours from Kinshasa, dependant on traffic). The journey to Vampa is relatively easy. On arrival at the destination, you need to leave your vehicle and walk the rest of the way. It isn’t a tough hike, although there is some excitement.

Video: Bottytrekks on Youtube

On arrival you need to cross over an exciting bridge. It doesn’t look it but it feels very stable. I wasn’t comfortable holding my phone or camera in my hand while crossing because if it happens to slip and fall, that’s a very certain goodbye. From the bridge you will trek a little in between various farming/vegetation. After about 10 minutes you will reach the entrance to Vampa Waterfalls.

There are several rules about photography and videography displayed; including the different rates for photography and filming. So note that if you go with a ‘professional’ camera or a video camera, you will probably need to pay to use it. However, they allow you to take photos and videos with your phone at no charge….but then again if you have a selfie-stick, it starts to look a bit ‘professional’ and there are questions. The rules are reeeeeally unclear, but the people are rather friendly so just ask…

At the main site, they offer sodas and water, no beer or other booze. From here you will proceed with a guide to the waterfall. The walk there includes a little bit of gymnastics and creativity. In my honest opinion, if you have any sort of physical issue or age doesn’t allow you to be as nimble as before, you may not enjoy this last part… on the other hand, my father in his late 50’s didn’t struggle at all.

The waterfall itself is really beautiful…really really beautiful. I went with the intention of swimming near the waterfall, but it wasn’t allowed, or it was but they didn’t want me to…I’m not sure…but it’s a great site even if you don’t swim. There aren’t a lot of activities around the waterfall, but it is a very serene and beautiful site, the walk is enjoyable, the greenery is refreshing and the waterfall is very beautiful!

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