Gatamaiyu Forest, Kimende

Rift Valley Viewpoint

Gatamiayu Forest is part of the greater Kereita forest which is also part of the Aberdare Mountain range. If you have heard of the place called ‘The Forest‘, it’s at Kereita forest and you can zip-line, mountain bike, do some archery, to name a few activities. The journey includes passing the great rift valley viewpoint, I don’t know about you but I never get tired of this view.

Getting to Gatamaiyu forest is simplified in that you use the same route you would use to Kereita; the entrance is about 10-15 kms from the entrance to the Forest. We struggled a bit to find it and ended up going to the main Kenya forests office where we waited for a ranger for about an hour, finally we were directed to the gate entrance where we were to meet our ranger. I would advise you to call in advance and make arrangements so you don’t waste hours like us. Before visiting, I tried to get information from the KENVO Offices (Kijabe Environment Volunteers), they didn’t help at all, so maybe try get in touch with the Kenya Forest Service Office at Kereita.

The Campsite

On arrival at Gatamiyu, you can’t help but notice that it isn’t very heavily traveled, when we went, the campsite was completely empty. We visited the fishing camp at Gatamaiyu forest, which is also the start point for the 2 hour river hike to the beautiful Kereita Waterfall. The campsite itself is very quiet, serene and surrounded by an electric fence.

The campsite is an ideal place for an afternoon BBQ. We set up a tent, made some choma sausage hot dogs and enjoyed some wine in the wilderness. It was a mellow afternoon and I didn’t stay overnight, but it is a really nice campsite! At the campsite office there is a skeleton of an elephant that was found in the Aberdare range a while ago (They told us, but I don’t remember). Its quite worth the visit, even if just for an afternoon!


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