Koh Thai Tapas Southsea, Portsmouth

My family and another Kenyan family visited Portsmouth towards the end of July for the graduation of our kin folk. Our two families opted to have a celebratory lunch together, after the ceremony, at Koh Thai Tapas Southsea.

Party of 10

Party of 10

The service was FANTASTIC. Our waitress was really great, she mentioned to us that she was a vegetarian so may not be able to comment from personal experience, but she gave us some good recommendations based on what she saw people order and enjoy. I was particularly impressed with the extra effort she made.

I won’t forget this place, our waitress or the food…ever. I don’t remember what I ordered, but I do remember everyone being very happy with the choice of restaurant.

For more information, visit their website- http://www.koh-thai.co.uk/