Paradise Lost, Kiambu

Paradise Lost is situated in Kiambu, approximately 14 km from Nairobi. It was a pretty perfect location  for a Mashujaa Day outing (In case you don’t know, that’s our ‘Heroes’ Day here in Kenya).

There are several activities available to visitors. Here’s what we got up to:-

The way there after the first big sign

Originally, our plan was to go cycling, but that’s now a plan for next time. Instead we found ourselves a spot and organized our drinks and music for an awesome chill session. There is a large open area where groups and families were having BBQs, picnics etc.

Our tickets and drinks

The tickets show what activities are available, here’s what we observed:-

  1. We didn’t see anyone fishing, not to say that you can’t.
  2. We saw the horses and witnessed some enthused kids riding them, accompanied of course. I, however, would not ride one as they look rather malnourished and my over 60 kgs may be a bit much for them.
  3. We saw a lot of people out on boats. Unfortunately the line was too long so we opted not to wait. It looks fun though, and you go unsupervised/unaccompanied around the ‘lake’ (I don’t know if it is a real lake or something else, but a water body).
  4. We did not see any camels, they could have been in another area, it’s quite a large place
  5. As for the nyama choma and cash bar, we carried our own stuff so can’t speak to the the legitimacy of those…
  6. We DID go into the caves and to see the waterfall….


The Cave and Waterfalls


The caves are over 2.5 million years old and are protected and preserved by the folks at Paradise Lost, in conjunction with the Museums of Kenya. The entrance to the caves is just behind the beautiful waterfall and is large enough for it to be comfortable. If you are claustrophobic (I am but I frequently forget until I am in a situation where my heart stops), you may not enjoy the caves much, it gets hot, stuffy and gets very small very fast. The rest of my group went all the way inside the cave, I was not about that life and only made it about 10 meters in before I started to freak out and opted to go back to the waterfall:-/

After seeing the waterfall and cave, we decided to do some sight seeing. It is a really really nice area with a lot of outdoor spaces and trails, great photo opportunities as well.

There is a nice open area with an incredible view of the lake/water body. We took a break here before going to search for the boating station.

Off we went to look for the boats….we looked and we looked..and rested and looked…we found ourselves back at the waterfall and took the opportunity to ask fro directions..Lol!

Oh there are also toilets spread out across the grounds. There are some funky ones in the main open area where there are a lot of people, but there are also others away from the crowds..Look for those..

We found the boating station, but there was a pretty long line and we weren’t willing to wait. Well, we could have come back, but we were quite beat and ready to call it a day.

Just a pair of Bottys


It was a lovely afternoon, but there are a few things I want to go back to do including; cycling, boating and camping…I’ll tell you all about it..


Rolf’s Place, Nairobi


The view from the restaurant

Rolf’s place is based in Ongata Rongai, Nairobi. It is hot and dusty, don’t expect extreme luxury 😉



There aren’t too many activity options there, however, it is a great place to take visitors for a basic meal and a photo opp. While we ate, we saw baboons at the river below, so I imagine there may be other animals as well. I say a ‘basic meal’ because the service is unfortunately quite slow and the bar/drink options are very limited. The food is good though, we didn’t have any complaints on the quality.

The bridge and general scenery are quite nice for some photography…check it out…


And now for the main event…PAINTBALL!!! Woop Woop!

Important Details:

  • There are only 10 guns available. While we were there one wasn’t working…so keep that in mind..If you show up with 11 people, at least one will do only photography :-p
  • You need to call in advance to make a booking….however, you will still arrive and wait for about an hour for the guns to be prepared.
  • They charge 1000 ksh for 100 pellets. You can get a refill of course for the same price.
  • One round lasts about 10-15 minutes until folks start to run out of pellets.
  • CARRY WATER! It is hot and the bar is unreliable with drinks..including water.
I only shoot to 'kill'

I only shoot to ‘kill’

We were a group of 7 (3 vs 4) and will most certainly go again..soon!


I haven’t found a website, but they have a Facebook page with some unfortunate reviews…if you manage your expectations, you won’t be disappointed. Remember, think ‘adventure’, not 5 star luxury 😉

Ishi Spa, Kongoni Camp, Nanyuki

Ishi Spa

Ishi Spa

First of all, Kongoni camp is on my list of places to visit in Nanyuki. The bar area is rather fantastic, as is the food, the staff and even the owner. As a sports enthusiast, I rather appreciate sports bars or even sport ‘themed’ bars, especially those with good food. This past weekend, a friend and I visited Kongoni camp for a drink (or two) and a massage.

Meals come with this delicious assortment of breads and a dip

Meals come with this delicious assortment of breads

Edwin, the owner

Edwin, the owner

We both had a Swedish massage and GOODNESS was it good…perfect ambiance, great masseuse and an overall wonderful massage.

WP_001068                 WP_001069

Our Swedish massage lasted about an hour to an hour and a half, I zoned out completely so I’m not sure. After the massage, the masseuse offers you a selection of herbal teas and there is a sitting area near the massage areas where you can have your tea.

From the Spa's menu

From the Spa’s menu

Visit their website for more information-

Kingfisher Picnic Site, Nairobi National Park

Kingfisher picnic site            

Wondering what to do on a random Saturday? How about a ‘picnic’/BBQ at Nairobi national park. A group of friends and I visited the Kingfisher picnic site inside Nairobi National park. It’s a pretty nice idea for a lazy afternoon.

Entrance is 500/= per person (for Kenyan citizens; they ask to see your I.D so don’t forget it 😉 ). We drove and the picnic site is less than 5 km from the entrance, there is good signage, so you won’t get lost 😉

It’s a nice open area with seating around fire pits and 2 bandas (little hut-like things) that you can use.

Open area at the site

Our Banda

Our Banda

Our group spent about 5 hours there doing a little bbq. It is necessary to carry your own cooking paraphernalia; we carried a grill, a gas cooker, charcoal, meat and all the other equipment necessary. There are also two toilets and a sink and tap at the site, but carry toilet paper 😉 Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself 😉

The toilets

The Toilets

My enthusiastic buddy

My enthusiastic buddy